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Gotta love family

I believe I have discovered the hitch in my magnificent Mother's Day plans. Oh, don't worry, I got up to Michigan, despite my train being delayed over an hour and a half by freights. No, that wasn't nearly as bad as all that.

The grandparents are here. *shrieks*

As charming as my family can be, once we get home there are sparks a'flying. Enter: Grandfather and Wife, 65-85 year old Republicans from Ohio with pasts in the Military. Stage Right: Mother, 50-something Democrat from Ann Arbor with over 25 years in education. Scene. It ain't pretty.

The hot-button topic of the weekend is, of course, illegal immigration. I've been home for less than 24 hours, and already there have been two seperate spats: one, a genuine debate between my Grandfather and Mom, and two, his lovely wife randomly mentioning, "well, you've gotta watch those illegals" when my Dad mentions that a local Italian restaurant has been shut down for sanitation. My mom whispered to me later, "Thanks for ruining my Saturday, bitch. She's such an asshole."

Happy Early Mother's Day, everyone.


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